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Solar Attic Fans
It's never been easier to make your home more energy-efficient and save money at the same time. This unique ventilator fan operates by solar power from sunrise to sunset at no extra cost to you. In the summer, the Fan-Attic reduces heat build-up improving air flow within the attic space. In the winter, it reduces moisture build up and condensation. The Fan-Attic uses free energy from the sun to provide years of worry-free, no cost cooling and air circulation. It's ideal for homes, cabins, garages, mobile homes, storage spaces, sheds or any enclosed area needing better air circulation. 
Reduce Costs by 50%
During the summer months, attic temperatures can soar to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes your home hotter inside and as a result, increases the level of energy consumption created ny cooling and air conditioning equipment. By installing a Fan-Attic to help remove that heat before it reaches the interior of your home, it's possible to reduce the workload on cooling and air conditioning equipment by as much as 50% and generally make your living environment a much more comfortable place to be. 

The summertime, a conventional electric attic fan can add $10 per month to your electric bill. Furthermore, conventional fans must be wired into your home by a licensed electrician which means electrical permits, inspections, etc. The Fan-Attic on the other hand has its own built-in power supply, requires no wiring and can be installed in less than one hour. By comparing the costs of regular attic fans, it's easy to see how the Fan-Attic can pay for itself in no time!
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